Mike Boone Posts Another Timely and Detailed Financial Report

The attached documents show the City of Helena-West Helena’s receipts and expenditures for the first half of this year. We have receipted $4,689,535.82 in our general fund. We have expended $4,405,055.03 from that fund. We, therefore, have a net income of $284,480.79. Additionally, this report reveals that the city has about $232,000.00 in its reserve account.

During these tough financial times in our community and around the nation, we can be proud that we have not had extremely negative consequences as a direct result of the financial crisis being experienced around the United States. Our city government is holding firm. We are moving in the right direction and as the state and regional economies improve, we see a silver lining for Helena-West Helena too.

Mike Boone has included in his report several significant items. The Regions Bank statements showing detailed credit card expenditures by city officials. The Bank of the Ozarks statements showing the transfers in and out of our checking account in Little Rock, Arkansas. The detailed semi-annual financial statement for the City of Helena-West Helena. He has also included an itemized check report for the month of June 2010 detailing to whom each and every check was written including thereon the date and amount of the checks.

Stay tuned. More information is coming.

Here is the July 20, 2010 Financial Report:

July 2010 Financial Report and Semi-Annual Financial Statement


About James F. Valley

I am married to the former Elizabeth James. I am a member of First Baptist MB Church. I have had a very interesting career in Helena-West Helena. I have taught in the Public School. I have taught high school students at the local community college. I have practiced law in Arkansas and Mississippi and handled cases at all levels of those state courts and federal cases up to the circuit court level. I support the CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL Cougars. I support the ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS. I believe that we can make a difference in the lives of those around us, if only we will try.
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